Driving operational excellence with digital innovations across tank farms and terminals

The monetary outlook remains challenging, and the ability to strategize, plan and implement efficient, safe and cost-effective tanks and terminals has rarely been as integral to your operational effectiveness as it is now. With the IMO 2020 Regulation coming through, it is even more crucial to intensify your terminal management.

The 3rd Annual Tanks and Terminal Storage is a two-day conference that will be held in Abu Dhabi on the 24th and 25th of October 2018. To avoid any mishaps with tank maintenance, tank inspections and tank monitoring, companies are adapting to a more advanced and strategic plan, helping them achieve greater efficiency and enhanced life cycle. In the age of technology disruption, terminals are on the way of getting more advanced and automated with IoT (internet of things) and ports are moving towards block chain technology!

With the 3rd edition of the Tanks and Terminal Storage we aim to bring answers to the questions and solutions to the doubts with the right knowledge and expertise from the Oil and Gas industry.

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Understand how to optimise terminals using automation to improve efficiency

Learn how to implement technological advancements in the corrosion and maintenance of floating roof tanks and bottom plate of tanks

Learn how to implement best tank inspection practices using API standards and build the highest levels of safety

Understand the IMO 2020 regulation and how it affects your business


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